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2013. december 22., vasárnap

18.270 - Molnár Ibolya: Most küldtem az FBI-nak, folytatni fogom, amíg meg nem öl valaki...

From: Ibolya Molnar 
Date: 2013/12/22
Subject: Most küldtem az FBI-nak, folytatni fogom, amíg meg nem öl valaki...
To:, Kutasi Jozsef Antal <jozsef@kutasi.eu>


Dear FBI,

Please try to get help to translate this article from Hungarian into English...maybe I will have time and power to do it..it is about DON SÁNDOR PINTÉR HOME OFFICER, mass killer, oil bleaching mafia member, the man who ordered the mass killing at MOR, ERSTE BANK BRANCH...8 people (bank employees) were executed perhaps by Jewish KRAV MAGA members or Russian mafia members...this MOR ERSTE BANK BRANCH handled the dirty money transfer of Mr. Sándor Pintér, Mr. Victor Orbán and Mr. Sándor Csányi (Csányi is the leader of OTP BANK)...they are both in touch with the Romanian, Russian, Albanian, Jewish and other Mafia....(Mr. Mogiljevic, DON, Sandor Mudura, Peter Tasnádi, Tamás PORTIK etc.).

They are also both involved in that dirty business what is going on in AMSTERDAM RED LIGHT CITY (Hungarian jewish and gipsy mafia, funded by MR. GEORGE SOROS, friend of Semjon Mogiljevic and the whole Hungarian leadership even from the earlier decades....

Mr. Sándor Pintér's original family name is BERTA, Mr. SÁNDOR BERTA..his best friend is the Hungarian Prime Minister, DON Victor ORBÁN, who originally born as OLSTEIN OR ORSÓS (family name)

.....they are both involved in a kind of war preparing because the Hungarian policemen here in the streets of Hungary are wearing the JEWISH white HEXAGRAM STAR (DAVID STAR), that was the badge of the police only in 1945!!! Please ask about this Hungarian or other military historian scientists...

These people are also responsible for the HIGH TREASON in HUNGARY in the face of SWISS FRANC AND JAPANESE YEN denominated consumer and mortgage loans and leasing contracts.....this nearly ruined the Hungarian economy or we are heading for a BIG TRAGEDY which can influence the whole economy of the World..please be careful they are both continuously lying!


Kind Regards,

Ms. Ibolya Molnár


Finance and Technical Foreign Trade

Certified Accountant

Financial Analyst earlier at 3 big banks for 7 years, including the Budapest Bank, privatized by the honored General Electric Capital

and the MKB and K&H