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2009. szeptember 23., szerda

3.472 - Tharan Marianne > Várkonyi Zsolt > what you should know about Hungary but you never get the info

Von: Tharan Marianne
Datum: 23. September 2009 08:52
Betreff: what you should know about Hungary but you never get the info
An: Kutasi József

Dear Sir/Madam,

Upon Jobbik's initiative, there is a wide and more or less frank public discussion unfolding in Hungary about the existence and nature of the so called Gypsy Crimes. Starting from the theft of  metals to prostitution, from usury to drug trafficking, we can certainly talk about a great variety of these.

With its great amount of concrete data, this document (English, German translations and Hungarian original provided) intends to illustrate those cases, which were accompanied by excessive violence against individuals.

This group of Gypsy crimes, - this collection is the witness thereof -, is characterized by a great extent of purposeless, unmotivated, causeless agressivity; by the dispassionate indifference, shown during its execution, to the suffering of the victims; by the cynical humiliation and unstoppable physical abuse of  undefended, incapable and unresisting victims; and by the inexplicable perpetration of additional abuse (rape, torture, mutilation) "out of fun" and "just for pleasure", that are not corresponding to the not always present "rational" aim (material gain) of the original crime.

Out of the here listed 119 cases we have to highlight these horrific stories:

  • Gadna, November 2007. The brutality of this perpetrator was beyond description. The Gypsy culprit first raped his 88 year old victim, stabbed her repeatedly in her back, gouged out her eyes, split her skull with a hammer and finally for good measure cut her legs off;
  • Makó, July 2006. András Kurai, a 15 year old Gypsy criminal first raped the 18 year old Henrietta Pénzes, then tied her to a tree trunk. Having finished he got on his moped and went to a petrol station some 15 kms away, after an hour returned with some fuel to the scene, poured the petrol on the girl, still tied to the tree, and set her on fire. Within a few days, the Hungarian girl succumbed to her horrible injuries; 
  • Veszprém, February 2009. A horde of 30 gypsy criminals murdered the 212 cms tall Roumanian handball player Marian Cosma of the MKB Veszprém Club. Cosma's fellow team-mate Serbian Zsarlo Sesumo was kicked in the face fracturing his face bone, fellow MGB Veszprém player Croatian Ivan Pesity was stabbed in the kidney. One of his kidneys had to be removed.
Where the question of the so called Gypsy crime is concerned, Jobbik's position is unchanged: we continue to maintain, that this is not a Hungarian, but a European problem affecting several countries not only in the region, but also in states such as Italy, Spain, France and now even the UK, as some recent cases have shown.
Please do not hesitate to ask for further information, or/and, if you so please, to comment this document.
Sincerely yours,
Zsolt Várkonyi
Head of International Media Relations
Foreign Affairs Cabinet
Jobbik for a Better Hungary Movement