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4.124 - Magdi: Copenhagen chains Prometheus to murder mankind

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Betreff: Copenhagen chains Prometheus to murder mankind


Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release  17th of December 2009

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
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Copenhagen chains Prometheus to murder mankind

The draft Copenhagen treaty's ban on the use of nuclear and hydro-electric power to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to ensure nobody can escape the British oligarchy's plan to reduce world human population by 3-5 billion people, Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood said today.

Page 83 of the 181-page treaty, section 50 states: [Nationally appropriate mitigation actions shall not include technologies that have adverse impacts on the environment, including, inter alia, nuclear power and large-scale hydro-electric power.]

"Once again, the British oligarchy—the modern-day gods of Olympus—are chaining Prometheus," Mr Isherwood said, referring to Aeschylus' Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound, in which Zeus commanded that the Titan Prometheus be chained to a rock for eternity for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind, as technology for economic development.

"Prince Philip founded the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in 1961 with the Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands specifically to reduce human population; in recent days both his wife and idiot son have pushed hard to salvage an outcome at Copenhagen which binds nations to reduce the carbon emissions that are a natural product of life.

"But by demanding that nuclear and hydro—the only sources of base-load power that do not produce emissions—are not part of the mix, they seek to ensure that the only way CO2 emissions can be reduced, is by reducing the total number of lives—mass murder."

Remember, Mr Isherwood said, that the WWF is one of the key funders of the con-artists at the Climatic Research Unit of Britain's East Anglia University:

"Everything about this process is fraud, fraud, fraud," he charged.

"Let's get back to reality: CO2 is a naturally-occurring gas, a product of all carbon-based life-forms, which plants love; the earth's climate has always and will always change, determined by the sun; just as life on planet earth is more powerful than the non-life of rocks etc, human cognition is more powerful than life, and it is the scientific discoveries humans make that produce the new technologies that give us that power, and allow us to survive and prosper; nuclear power is humanity's best hope for the future, not because it doesn't emit CO2, but because it is our greatest achievement in energy-density, and has the potential to be applied globally to produce electricity, process heat, radioactive isotopes for health and industry, and will raise the living standards of Africa and the other desperately-poor regions of the world; nuclear power's greatest promise, is that it is the pathway to fusion power, the power of the sun on earth, which will solve humanity's power and resource problems indefinitely."

Mr Isherwood observed, "Of course, that's why genocidalists hate nuclear power, but that's why we love it—it's Promethean fire for the people."

He concluded, "All people want a future, but we have to fight for it; that's what we are doing, and I urge everybody to join us."

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