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4.147 - Patrubány Miklós István Ádám: President of the World Federation of Hungarians > Mr. Shimon Peres President of Israel

Von: Gabor Paczolay
Gesendet: szombat, 2009. december 19. 23:58
An: Randolph F. Leong; Clinton Lee; Jozsef Ravasz; Lajos J. Bartucz; Kutasi József; Larry Dobos
Mr. Shimon Peres

Mr. Shimon Peres
President of Israel

Open Letter

Mr. President!

Your speech before the annual convention of the Association of Trade Bureaus, in Tel Aviv on October 10, 2007, outlined the ongoing expansion of the Jewish Empire, by means of procurement in the following areas: Manhattan, Poland, Romania and our own homeland, Hungary.

This view of the future is unacceptable to us.

More than a thousand years ago, in the early decades of the ninth century, the leading stratum of the Kazar Empire adopted the Jewish religion, causing much trouble. The descendants of the Magyars who returned to the Carpathian Basin do not want to see these events repeated in their ancient homeland.

Your economic occupation of Hungary cannot be included in the influx of other foreign capital. We must differentiate between the politically neutral influx of funds and the economic expansion of capital, intended to promote an occupation, supported by the state. This latter one does not come alone. Parallel to the economic occupation, comes a new colonization by means of the classic tools to ensure power:

1. the introduction of certain rules of the game, which ensure the rule of the powers-that-be, while preserving the appearance of democracy (in its fully-developed form, this is the typical two-party system of the United
2. the corruption of the political elite,
3. the monopoly of the tools for building a political culture,
4. the methodical demonization of the critics of the regime,
5. the take-over of the educational system,
6. the control of public health.

In addition to all these, you have now succeeded in reducing the numbers in the National Guard and in reprogramming the political police (NBH and REBISZ) and, in the form of the INKAL SECURITY Kft., you have established control over the society and have introduced the methods of the use of force. The presence of the INKAL SECURITY Kft., on October 23, 2006, with the bloodshed caused by their shooting people in the eyes and their use of „vipers”, immediately brings to mind, involuntarily, the IRGUN terror organization.

In Hungary, the anti-Hungarian atrocities, committed by the gypsies, have grown in proportion to the growth of the Israeli occupation. Mr. President, you surely know whether or not there exists a causal relation behind this comparison.
Hungarians world-wide are following the realization of the Israeli colonization of our homeland with anxiety and a growing indignation.

Mr. President, the World Federation of Hungarians calls upon you to immediately cease your politics of occupation in Hungary. If it continues, sooner or later it will cause a destabilization in our territory, similar to that in the Middle East. In the end, this is not in anyone’s interest.

Mr. President, leave Hungary to those who gave their name to the state. 

Budapest, 5th of December 2009

The Praesidium of the World Federation of Hungarians

Confirming signature

Patrubány Miklós István Ádám
President of the World Federation of Hungarians