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2009. augusztus 26., szerda

3.238 - Charles Sucsan: Letter to Her Excellency Mrs. Angela Merkel

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From: Tharan Marianne
Date: 2009 aug. 26. 16:03
Subject: Letter to Her Excellency Mrs. Angela Merkel
To: Kutasi József

Charles Sucsan                                                  

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Open letter




Her Excellency, Angela Merkel


Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany



Your Excellency:


It is with great pride that Hungarians at home and abroad witnessed your appearance in Sopron at the picnic commemorating the first breach through the Iron Curtain 20 years ago. Germans from the East were the first to experience the wind of freedom, because the “magnanimous” Hungarian Government, capitulated under the pressure of the Hungarian people, who required more and more freedom


As you must know, it was the beginning of the collapse of Communism, which in part was started with the 1956 Revolution and Freedom fight of the Hungarians. Today European nations enjoy freedom and democracy, but Hungary of today is far from attaining the goals of freedom which is enjoyed in Germany, because the ex-Communists retained the power with the appearance of democracy. They shrewdly crush any emergence of a truly Hungarian movement that defends the national interest, to free Hungarians once and for all from the reminiscence of the bloody-handed ex Communists.


Therefore, has become a place to plunder the remaining wealth, with the result that Hungary has fallen back to the lowest level economically amongst the 27 European nations. This is to emphasize what’s going on inside Hungary, for the Hungarian nation today.


As for the 3,500,000 Hungarians territorially detached at the infamous Dictate of Trianon, 1920 and that of Paris 1947, their life as Hungarians has been oppressed since then, with the latest example of Slovakia’s language law. This is a law that crushes the most basic human rights to which European politicians close their eyes without any regrets. The frontiers of many European countries were modified to suit their national interest, except that of Hungary.




Now we have learned that you are to receive an honorary degree from the former Hungarian Bolyai University of Kolozsvár, established in 1581 by István Báthory (Babes Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca ) , where any posting of signs in Hungarian is prohibited.


As you must know history, the city of Kolozsvár was Hungary’s most venerated because of King Mátyás’ legacy and was purely Hungarian until Trianon. By accepting to go and receive this distinction, you are playing into the shrewdly Rumanian politics, which want to use you to brag in response to the uproar of the International scientific community’s campaign against the Rumanian discrimination against Hungarians, in the highly respected Bolyai University, with centuries-old traditions.


Hungarians will be deeply offended by the eventual acceptance of this distinction by your Excellency, and you may not measure its real consequences in the opinion of the Hungarian Nation. It will undermine your prestige as a true friend of the Hungarians as well as that of Germany. Therefore Hungarians have asked me to beg you not to go to Kolozsvár (Cluj) to fulfill the political aims of the Rumanians, who humiliate the Hungarians under their laws.


History will show that for you, it would be best not to go and not to accept a distinction which hides shrouded intentions, with the same lies, with which Rumanians distinguished themselves at the 1920 Peace Conference in Paris.

Wishing your Excellency enlightenment, and compassion toward a nation which calls itself Magyar = Mag-i-ar. The Nation of Magi-s.


Yours truly


Charles Sucsan