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Alliance of Hungarians - Purpose and goals

The Alliance of Hungarians is a grassroots movement that was established in November 2008, inspired by the need for a paradigm shift and determination to make it happen. There is no political party, no economic interest group, no religious organization behind the Alliance, it is only us, ordinary Hungarians. Our vision is a country where compassion, integrity and cooperation are the main values, where the future is promising, where there are moral standards and where the interests of the community rise above the interests of a selected few.

When did all this start?

At a three-day event in August of 2008 in Kunszentmiklós, Hungary about 70,000 Hungarians affirmed that they are united in their interest in the long-term maintenance of their language, traditions and culture as ultimate ends. The event was an affirmation of the need and willingness for purposeful, determined work to make this happen. This is how the Alliance of Hungarians came about. Its initial membership of 232 civil society organizations has rapidly grown and since then doubled, as many other organizations and private citizens decide to join.

Why do we need the Alliance?

All human beings have a basic right to live a full human life, to attain high intellectual, physical and spiritual standards. During the Communist era and even in the last 20 years since then, these rights have been infringed upon in Hungary. The problems are deep, pervasive and structural, and as such cannot be resolved by simply addressing symptoms while leaving root causes intact. There is a need for a fundamental paradigm shift on many levels.

Our envoys move around the country and organize small community meetings. In over 1000 villages and towns we started communities based on the same guidelines. We established a training center where we prepare associates to help communities come to terms with the transformation needed in the interest of our sustainable future, rooted in our millennia old traditions.

Searching for partners

What is happening to us is not a country-specific problem. Due to selfish and short sighted human behaviour, the ability of the biosphere to sustain civilization have been severely eroded. For the same reason, the world economy has been brought to the brink of total collapse. Despite promises enshrined in declarations such as the Millennium Development Goals, few pay real attention to the ever growing numbers and needs of the poor. We live in a world corrupted by lies. The human race as a whole faces perhaps the greatest challenge in its whole history. In order to tackle our common problems, we believe the Alliance can contribute the most if its works in partnership with organizations that follow the same principles as the Alliance of Hungarians.

Our place among nations

We believe that all nations have something very specific to contribute to the global development of mankind. However, in order to provide the best, a country must be able to keep its own house in order. Rather than forcing on countries the straightjacket of globalization, we believe strength and resilience can be found in maintaining diversity. We believe we need to address our issues based on the principle of subsidiarity: take responsibility for matters we can, based on our own strength, intelligence and traditions without expecting outside bureaucracies to solve them for us.

Therefore we strive for the recognition and appreciation of diversity, the nurturing of existing cultural differences. We want to build connectivity, create cooperation and establish greater understanding among nations. We want a community of European nations with equal rights who are willing to learn from history and are willing and able to cooperate with one another.

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