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2009. augusztus 26., szerda

3.239 - Charles Sucsan: Letter to FUEN-President Hans Heinrich Hansen

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From: Tharan Marianne
Date: szerda, 2009 augusztus 26. 16:13
Subject: Letter to FUEN-President Hans Heinrich Hansen
To: Kutasi József


Open letter


FUEN-President Hans Heinrich Hansen


Mr. President,


I have seen your comment on the Slovak language law, which as you said is unacceptable in the EU values and democratic rights. Easy to say, but implementing them when the major members of the Union keep a guilty silent on the Slovakian language case, indicate their double standing with national minority problems, specially with Hungarians, inherited from the monstrous Treaties of Trianon and Paris 1947. This as you must know: splitting a major Middle European country of more than a thousand years old, not mentioning that Hungarians have lived there since the beginning of time.  


So the Hungarian problem is more than the Slovak language law, it is a matter of justice which call the territorial reintegration of the Hungarian Nation. Therefore a major shift is necessary for the European politicians from the ostrich head in the sable attitude, with the Hungarian problem since their admission to the EU.


To objectively thinking person, it is impossible to find reasons why this problem has not been dealt at the admission of Hungary, since it was foreseeable that sooner or later major problem will arise if the rights to the national identity of Hungarians, are not guarantied in the detached territory, specifically under foreign domination. Now if you look how theses foreign countries have behaved with their Hungarian national citizens since the splitting of Hungary, and the silent of those country’s politicians who implemented the splitting, it is easy to conclude that the Machiavelli spirit of Trianon still prevail toward Hungarians.

There is no doubt now that it is so, therefore Hungarians have no other choice than reclaim their Hungarian Kingdom territory, taken away in shrewd conspiracy under false lies and illegality against the international laws and rights.


This must have been known by all and still there was no sign of what ever to try to give a minimum justice for Hungarians, and at the same time wash of some guilt from the big four country, who perpetrated the biggest crime on an innocent country, nevertheless the lies of the guilt of Hungarians for the First World War.

The subliminal thinking of the EU politicians that with open frontiers of EU, Hungarians will be put to sleep with their problems is a total fiasco. Why than not modify theses frontiers, so the Hungarian nationals could live in the same country? Because the western powers over hundreds of years of visceral fears to prevent a peaceful Middle Europe, emerging economically, politically and of course military. For this the technique of “divided at imperia” is applied even today.

The danger of such a policy is that one day a foreign power could come to the rescue of Hungarians and create turmoil in the EU in the global tension for world domination. To avoid this kind of possibility, Europe has no other choice than implement Justice for Hungary. This is what the Hungarians are asking since the splitting of their country. Not to satisfy them is a perpetual danger of greater problems for the EU. Closing eyes on this, it is a crime by the EU’s politicians and this guilt will fall on them sooner, or later, because it will be the end of the EU. Therefore, the minimum the European politicians can do is to force Slovakian government to respect the rights of freely speaking of the Hungarians. If not, Hungary should quit the EU and seek help from others.


Charles Sucsan