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18.552 - Charles Sucsan > Harward Divinity School Dear Mrs.Karen King

Charles Sucsan

Date: 2014-03-20 16:39 GMT+01:00
Subject: Fw: re the papirus
Kutasi József Antal

Harward Divinity School

Dear  Mrs.Karen King,

I just watched on History channel, the study of the Copt fragment which may indicate the proof of Jesus' close relation with a women calling her: my wife . Of course the subject is controversial for obvious reasons, since the western civilisation was built by the Christian religions who refers to most invented history, based on few fragments of the Magi Jesus' historical life: we call the Gospels.

As we know, history is always written by dominating powers interest, full of inventions, serving the goals of those pretending to own the truth from" haven". Luckily amongst all the lies, historical truth can be extracted, thanks for other civilisations not related to Christianity. This is why I consider myself privileged to be born in Paris from Hungarian parents. In 1956 while looking for work I got an interpreter job with the Canadian Immigration Ministry, to mind the Hungarian refugees even if I spoke Hungarian with difficulties. My really contact with Hungarian history started then and of course more I new about them, more I wanted to know. Over years I discovered the history of one of the oldest peoples of Europe: the Magyars. -(They been in the Carpathian Basin since the last ice age and developed their unic language which was spread all over the world, even amongst American Hemisphere )- I also discovered all the lies about them in western history, thus increasing my deepest curiosity. With my research, my knowledge of the Magyar language became very sharp, but when I discovered that this language is related to the Sumerian, I was forces to look deeper in antic history of Mesopotamia to find out the Scythe, Hun and Magi civilisation.

My astonishment was high when realising that Jesus historical life and the Magi history is occulted in the western world.. When I found out that the name Magyar meant the Magi Nation = Mag = knowledge, I = the fief , Ar = tribe, group, nation; a study of the Hungarian Inquisition minute about the Hungarian-Magyar Magi priests, describing their way of teaching, healing, behaving, etc., the similarity with that of Jesus is stunning! I don't want to get in the details of my finding, but I have to mention that the Magyars relate themselves to the Parthian empire of Scythe gender. Researching the history of the Parthian, unfortunately you have to work hard, but Hungarian sources give us a fairly good picture. However it is the Zarathoustra Magi civilisation which dominated for a thousand years the Mesopotamia and Central Asia,is the most interesting to have a fairly picture of what could be the belief of the Magi Jesus. By the way, whose name was "Gy

öző" phonaticaly gieoseo, If we recall the plea of Jesus on the cross: Ali, Ali why… the Hungarians when they used to swear: " I swear to the living Aleo … Ali, this to say that in the Magi communities "God", was called the Living. Amongst Hungarian today it is still mentioned as the LIVING.

All my research in Hungarian language pointed to the Magyar and Scythe' thousands of years belief before Christianity, to the equality of women with men. This is why I was always admiring the Hungarians for their special respect of girls, women, mothers, what literature have many way described. Therefore in my mind there is no doubt that the Magi Jesus was in couple with a women that could be called Marie Magdalene. The Cana wedding is his wedding in the Scytian Galilee. If there is some papyrus mentioning this, good for western history, but in the Magi Parthe empire history, there is no doubt that the Magi religious thinking built the most humanistic thousand years of civilisation, destroyed by the barbaric Alexander the Great and later by the Islam. In the sixth century, the Magi priest aristocracy flee before the Muslim to the north, where they organized the Magi—Magyar- Nation with different Scythes, Huns, tribes and returned to the Carpathian Basin under Arpad.

At this period of human world history the same two different thinking of the world like today collided. The lies were victorious, so Jesus died on the cross for nothing. When his true earthen history will be spread, mankind maybe saved. For me, I am saved by knowing it throughout the Magyar language and history.

There is so much distortion in western history, that one is wondering how it could be? I am privileged to have a good idea about Jesus real life and the Parthian civilisation in which he grow up as a seventh kids, who was considered divine and as amongst ancient Magyar family, the seventh kids was to be a Magi priest.

So the life of Jesus it is not so secret, it has to be researched in the right nations.

I whish you that the papyrus script will be verified as original. Thanks for your tremendous work.


Charles Sucsan

Visual art artist