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2008. november 19., szerda

1.316 - Statement of the Presidium of the Presbytery of the Reformed Church of Szabadságtér (Freedom Square) in Budapest

Betreff: statement
Datum: Mi, 24. Sep 2008 und 19.11.2008
Von: ggyula@atlas.cz
An: József Kutasi - Dág/Ungarn

Statement of the Presidium of the Presbytery of the Reformed Church of Szabadságtér (Freedom Square) in Budapest
Gábor Tóth, Budapest Police Chief – who claims to be a churchgoing Christian – made a false statement against his fellow-men on the television program, Kontraszt, on the Hir TV, on September 21, 2008.
On September 20, 2008, during a religious service that started at 6 pm., commemorating Hungarians who were victims of anti-Hungarian hate-crimes, in contrast to the refrained demeanor of those present in the area in front of the Hazatérés Church – and contrary to the statement of the Budapest Police Chief -- there was a threatening police intervention, which lasted an hour, against the congregation, without regard to women, children and the elderly. During this time, the police sprayed tear-gas into the entrance hall of the church, which is enclosed on three sides and covered with a roof.
The people on the steps of the foyer were not making any disturbance, yet the police told the law-abiding citizens who had fled for sanctuary to the property of church to leave the scene, accusing them of conducting an illegal demonstration. The tear-gas, which was especially strong and used aggressively, spread into the interior of the church and several of the faithful became ill and required first aid. This unlawful intervention of the police interrupted the religious service thus disturbing the commemoration of the victims of anti-Hungarian hate crimes.
Our Church community has proof of these statements in the form of photographs, video and audio tapes.
We shall launch a complaint with the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Budapest about the violation of the basic rights of the Church Community and we shall ask that the violators be prosecuted and punished.
Budapest, September 22, 2008
In the name of the Presidium:
Witzl Antal Heged?s Loránt Jr.
Technical Advisor Pastor