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2008. október 31., péntek

1.191 - Lévay Atilla: The present worldwide financial crisis is not an unpredictable...

Betreff: 1.191 - Lévay Atilla: The present worldwide financial crisis is not an unpredictable...
Datum: Fr, 31. Okt 2008
Von: József Kutasi

Betreff: Fw: Our World Today
Datum: Di, 28. Okt 2008
Von: Lévay Atilla
An: Kutasi József - Kazincbarcika

ÜdvözletZsámbékról. atilla
From: Lévay Atilla To: CSM ; Eric Hufschmid ; New Hampshire Gazette ; Noam Chomsky ; Boston Globe ; 911TV ; 911 Truth ; Chicago Sun Times ; Godsmystery ; Habiba Alcindor ; International Herald Tribune ; M.Heaton Cleveland Plain Dealer ; New York Times ; Newsweek ; NEWYORK POST ; The Globalist This Week ; Time ; webmaster@septembereleventh.org ; Washington Post ; Washington Times
Cc: president@whitehouse.gov
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 7:06 PM
Subject: Our World Today
The present worldwide financial crisis is not an unpredictable, unforeseeable sudden act of Nature, like a Tsunami, Hurricane or Earthquake, and proves yet again that the world is run mostly by bulimically greedy, insatiable, cynical, unscrupulous, dishonest, short sighted, but incredibly conceited idiots, driven probably by some inferiority complex ridden, insane compulsion to amass more and more unnecessary Riches, Wealth and through that, Power over their fellow humans. Had the highest ranking decision makers of the Financial and Political World adhered to the time honoured proverb of: "cut your coat, according to your cloth" the World, Mankind, Mother Earth, our one and only sustainer, of Life, and Home would not now be cascading down the slippery slope towards total Chaos, War, Famine, and Destruction. The concept "Noblesse Oblige" means nothing to them and they are are incapable of seeing their moral responsibility and understand that we, all of us, are passengers on Planet "Titanic" Earth and in the End will sail, or sink into oblivion together. By now we have got to the Stage, that economic life, television, newspapers, culture, just about every facet of human life is controlled by these, in reality inferiority complex ridden Morons. The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever before in the History of Mankind, and instead of getting smaller it is increasing day by day.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill: "Never in the Realm of Human History have so many been exploited, taken advantage of, manipulated, smilingly sent to financial ruin, abject poverty, or even death, by so few."
The first picture below is a good description of the insane manner in which decisions are made at the top in the XXI st. Century. The second picture offers us the solution we should perhaps follow.
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