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2009. március 24., kedd

2.120 - Hungarian Civic Summit standpoint on the political crisis

Von: Kállai Eszter Etelka
Gesendet: kedd, 2009. március 24. 11:50
An: Kutasi József


 Hungarian Civic Summit standpoint on the political crisis


    A new social oriented responsible government issued from new elections was urged on Monday by the Hungarian Civic Summit, which considers the dismissal of the Socialist Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany as a success of the social opposition with his neoliberal policy. More than hundred social organisations, trade unions and political groups have agreed in their common standpoint, that the new government should reduce the subordination of the country to the transnational interests, moderate their profit pump out from Hungary, and modify the wealth distribution system to the benefit of the low income people and the small- and medium size enterprises. „By seaking for the way out from the crisis, social and national interests have to be prioritized instead of the global interests. The costs of the crisis must be paid by the big capital and his political attendants, not by the low income taxpeyers” – is told in the press release. At the opinion of the Hungarian Civic Summit the antisocial way of insatiable concentration of capitals must be abandoned, and replaced with a new system-correction policy oriented to a new balance between capital and work interests to the benefit of the latter. The Civic Summit, born on initiative of the Hungarian Social Forum-Social Roundtable in last november tells, that anticipated elections are needed in order to give opportunity to  people to choose. (The hungarian legislation period would be ending in 2010.) Anticipated elections also are needed for avoid the social destablisation of Hungary – is told. The new responsible government has to enjoy the support of the society, with assuring jobs, peace and dign livelihood. No political party is able to give answer alone to the big national and social problems, for this reason the hungarian Civic Summit proposes a wide coalition of social forces. Also the composition of a new crisis managing government should reflect this social requirement – press release is telling.

The standpoint of the Hungarian Civic Summit has been supported also by organisations not involved in the summit, amongst them the Alternative Movement for the Left (ABM).